West Memphis Delivery Schedule & Fees

Delivery locations, schedules and fees are subject to change based on customer participation in each delivery area. If you do not see your town or zip code listed, please reach out to us so delivery to your area may be considered as part of an existing route or a new route schedule in the future.

Review Delivery Terms here.

West Memphis Delivery Terms

Delivery orders must be received via West Memphis Dispensary's online ordering no later than 7:00 AM the day of the scheduled delivery route.

Delivery orders must be placed online and cannot be accepted via phone call to the dispensary or by email.

After placing an online order, should you need to add items to your order, you will need to add those items by placing another order. Both orders will be combined at the dispensary at time of fulfillment with only one delivery charge applied.

All deliveries are final. No refusals, refunds or returns, with exception of faulty electronics (manufacturer error only).

Taxes, delivery fees and minimum orders are non-negotiable.

Order cancellations must be received no later than 7:00pm the day before the scheduled delivery date. Late cancellations may be charged a delivery fee.

- Debit Card payments only (bank or pre-paid cards).
- The following forms of payment are not accepted: cash, credit cards, checks or money orders.

Our online system does not apply ATM fees. The following are amounts that will be added to your subtotal at the time of order filling & processing at the dispensary:
- Purchase totals must be rounded up to the nearest $5.00 or $10.00 mark. For example, $134.92 will be rounded up to $135.00, or $148.00 will be rounded up to $150.00. This is a functionality of the payment system which is outside of our control.
- Our debit card processor functions as an ATM, with their own service fee of $3.50 (per individual transaction – please make sure your order is able to be filled under one transaction so you will only be charged one ATM fee.

When paying via debit card upon delivery, please contact your bank PRIOR to the delivery day to raise your maximum transaction limit if needed, especially if placing orders over $400. Our transaction machines will not process orders over that amount unless you have contacted your bank to increase your limit.

If your bank does not allow you to raise your debit limit, you can use a prepaid debit card (purchased at local convenience stores) for single or recurring orders at West Memphis Dispensary.

Drivers may accept cash gratuities for their services. Thank you for supporting our drivers!

The delivery address must be a residential address, i.e., home dwelling place, apartment, trailer per Arkansas MMC regulations. West Memphis Dispensary will not deliver to commercial locations, businesses or dormitories.

Card holder must be present at time of delivery with physical MMJ card, state-issued ID and debit card in their possession, or else delivery cannot be completed.


West Memphis Dispensary drivers are unable to wait for customers to arrive at the designated delivery address to receive the order. The customer must be present and on time. In extreme scenarios, the drivers may wait up to 5 minutes. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be up to the driver's discretion. West Memphis drivers cannot guarantee a 5-minute wait time in the event of an emergency causing the tardiness. Please be courteous of the driver's time and the other deliveries needed to be made.</li>